Our Mission



Wonderstruck Fawns is a growing travel blog that aims to educate,  exhilarate and encourage readers to ethically explore all areas of our world.


Wonderstruck Fawns aim to educate, inspire and encourage readers to explore new destinations, live ethically and tink critically. We encourage readers to understand more about themselves and more about the world through the power of travel. We believe travel can make you wonderstruck. We believe travel has the power to broaden your mind push you to your limits. We believe travel has the power to make you question everything that you are and everything that you want to be. And we think that is wonderful.

Wonderstruck Fawns strongly believes in and proudly advocates for living a vegan lifestyle. We believe it is possible to achieve global travel without compromising your moral or ethical beliefs. It is possible to visit a foreign country and remain a vegan. It is possible to overcome cultural barriers without making concessions on your ethical lifestyle. Believing in good things and being a good person does not mean you have to restrain you lifestyle. It does not mean you can’t explore certain parts of the world. It does not mean you are limited. It means you are free.

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