Wonderstruck Fawns is an expanding travel blog created to inspire, educate and help people explore the world in the most ethical and sustainable way.

Paige Lake, founding director and primary contributor, was tired of hearing stories about vegans/vegetarians that stopped eating and living ethically when traveling internationally because it was ‘too difficult’ to overcome cultural barriers to maintain firm moral habits. Faced with a dilemma to either accept these attitudes or help change them, Paige created Wonderstruck Fawns as a way to inspire readers to maintain ethical dietary and lifestyle choices whilst traveling.

Originally from Australia, in June, 2015, Paige sold her possessions, got on a plane and never looked back. Since then she has been traveling the world, sharing her stories, spreading the word about vegan living and inspiring others to do the same. Wonderstruck Fawns is excited to open your mind and feed your soul with knowledge, tales and reviews of some of the most exciting places on earth, all whilst carrying an important message about living harmlessly.

Today, Wonderstruck Fawns is a go-to blog for many travelling vegans, vegetarians or conscious individuals with the strong desire to travel the world and excite their senses.

Wonderstruck Fawns specialises in global travel information, travelling advice, vegan product reviews and vegan restaurants/cafes reviews. If you’d like to get involved, head to our Contact or Advertise pages and drop us a line.


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